Goju Karate Animals

Lion USA Goju Weston Florida


  • Power, Tenacity,
  • the King of the Beasts.
  • Much like the GOJU spirit of never giving up
Panther USA Goju Weston Florida


  • Speed.
  • Totally alert and totally at rest.
  • From beeing totally relaxed comes complete softness,
  • and from complete softness comes complete hardness.
Snake USA Goju Weston Florida


  • Rythm, Endurance, Suppleness,
  • Master of escape …
  • Escape today to fight again tomorrow.
Crane USA Goju Weston Florida


  • Balance, grace, self-control
  • and patience.
  • The crane will remain completely still.
  • Then, when the moment is right, strike with incredible accuracy to spear its prey.
Dragon USA Goju Weston Florida


  • Wisdom, Benevolence, Endurance.
  • The ability to ride the wind.
  • It has all the attributes of all the other animals.